Interior Decorating

Interior Decorating Consultations

Interior decorating consultations are available to the Sydney area, specifically the North Shore, Northern Beaches & Eastern Suburbs. During the consult I will ask questions about your decorating style and tastes, listen carefully to your answers, and then get started on a decorating plan.

Process: This process is customisable for each client as everyone’s decorating needs vary.

  1. Consultation: Assess the room(s) + Create Plan of Action
  2. Design Plan: Provide furniture & decor suggestions
  3. Design Process: Order furniture & decor
  4. Completion: Style room(s) + Finishing touches

  • Initial Consultation – $210
  • Design work priced at $100 per hour after initial consultation.
  • Flat rates available on request.

*$60 travel time applies to any consults out of the 15km radius of Sydney CBD.

Design Plan Consultations

If you’d like to take the decorating bull by it’s horns but just need a helping hand getting the project off to the right start this might be the service you need. I will meet with you, discuss your decorating needs or renovation plans, sketch up some floor plan options and write up a shopping list of furniture and decor you need to complete the rooms. Then you get to do the fun part and go shopping for the items yourself!


  • Design Plan Consultation – $380

*$60 travel time applies to any consults out of the 15km radius of Sydney CBD.

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