Husbands vs Wives Interior Decorating

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Husbands-vs-Wives-Decorating copy

Okay, I won’t beat around the bush, decorating a house is usually a job women take on. I would say 98% of my clients are women.

This is how it goes when clients contact me……I liaise with wife via email. I meet with wife. I liaise some more with wife in her home. I put together a decorating scheme based on the brief I’m given at the time of meeting wife. I proudly send off the mood board to wife with a big smile on my face. Wife replies. Wife is over the moon with the mood boards and loves everything. Then guess who rears his head? Enter husband. For the first time (possibly ever), husband has an opinion on the lounge room and wants to make his own decorating wishes known.

This is a common problem I come across,  wife likes one look,  husband likes another and they haven’t discussed this before I’m invited in their home. Wife collects inspiration for how she wants her home to look. Husband isn’t consulted. Which results in me doing a re-design of the mood board (and also a bit of marriage counselling), submitting the new look and THEN getting on with the job of re-decorating.

Who else can relate to this? I know I’m not the only stylist who faces this problem and I bet there are loads of wives out there nodding along who have husbands who are  happy to come home and sit on the 12 year old Ikea sofa that he had in his bachelor pad before you met, but as soon as he gets wind that the room is going to be brought into the 21st Century he needs to make his opinions known! 

Emma x

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Tablescaping With Nest Designs

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the home spring launch -50

Spring Lunch for The Home

One of my favourite things to style is the table. You can have so many different creative things happening on a table. It’s the easiest way to get your styling theme across too. I did this table last year for the Spring Lunch for The Home with my stylist friend Marj.

What do you need to execute tablescaping well?

1. Cutlery, Glassware and Dinnerware (kind of an obvious one!)

2. Napkins, Placemats & Coasters

3. Runners or Tablecloths – unless you have a gorgeous rustic timber table top you want to show off!

4. Centrepieces – but nothing too over the top, you want guests to be able to chat over the table

5. Hanging Objects – these always add a bit of drama to the table if you have the hanging space

6. Scented Candles – no table is complete without some nice candles!

7. Name cards – one of my favourite things to create for a beautiful table.

I’m going to be helping style a beautiful Long Lunch in the Blue Mountains in May and I can’t wait to pull together a fabulous table for the guests to explore. It’s all about creating a story on the table. You want guests to discover more about the decor as they sit down and start chatting.

If you’d like help pulling together a look for your next dinner party send me an email to see how I can help you achieve the ideal dinner party tablescape!

I’m so obsessed with tablescaping I created a special Pinterest page for my favourites!

Emma x

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Easter with Etsy

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Easter With Etsy

Easter With Etsy

Happy Easter! I hope you have a wonderful Easter break with family and friends!

Emma x

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Havven: New Site Alert for DIY Lovers

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havven DIY Projects

The super talented and amazing Jade Sheedy who I am lucky enough to call a colleague and friend has been tirelessly working away at starting a really cool new DIY site called Havven. If you are a lover of DIY projects and need some inspiration, Havven is where you’ll find it. Jade spends hours researching projects – she sometimes sends me sneak peeks of things she’s working on and I wonder how it will look anything like the way she describes it but every single time she nails it. She’s pretty clever like that.

Jade wears many hats – homewares buyer, graphics designer, mother to super cute Olive and DIY craft queen (okay so it’s only me calling her that but I’m sure it’ll catch on soon!).  I’d like you all to get to know Jade a little better because she’s a cool cat and has lots of fun things to share with you guys on her site so I asked her to share some insights into how she got the site started and where she finds inspiration.

1. What is havven?

Havven is a free DIY resource for home and style enthusiasts. You will find all the latest on-trend projects on a user-friendly interface with incredible search and dynamic functionality. With a team of chosen DIY experts you are sure to get their professional tips, tricks and tutorials in their industry fields. Style shouldn’t be compromised due to budget!

2. What led you to create havven?

I’ve always been crafty and organised, my mum still proudly displays the dreamcatcher I made with found feathers from the property. Now as an adult and working as a buyer of furniture and decor, I couldn’t afford many items I lusted over so I attempted to make them; I was surprise at the success of some of those projects. I think the shift really happened when I made d at the success of some of those projects. I think the shift really happened when I made the coiled jute rug after lusting over Armadillo & Co’s version.

3. What DIY project of your own are you most proud of?
The rug for sure, I always get the reaction ‘you made that!?’
4. What DIY project would you love to try?
At the moment I am working on a beaded chandelier that I have been crushing on from the Swedish brand Nordel, the supplies are costing me a little over $400 so it’s being made in instalments ;)
5. What dream would you most like to fulfil?
A dream is to be sponsored by someone that can supply me with all my craft needs so I can continue making awesome things with free supplies but my goal is to get people to believe in themselves more.
We are all born baby artists but we lose the creativity as we age,  I want everyone to stop talking themselves out of doing things and give making it a go.
6. Who inspires you?
My mother the natural artist, she is the backbone of my creative drive. She taught me self belief and watching her do everything for herself made me want to follow in her footsteps and be a strong, independent woman too. *cue Destiny’s Child.
7. What are your favourite sources of inspiration?
I really admire and get motivated by all the creative artists out their making original content and selling their work or ideas via a market stall or their little patch of online and really owning their style.
Pallet Coasters

Pallet Coasters on havven

Thanks for sharing Jade!

Emma x

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I’m taking the Taubmans Paint Challenge

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Taubmans Paint Challenge

Are you up for a home decorating challenge? Taubmans is challenging you to get off your butt and pick up a paint brush! There are $150K worth of prizes to be won so it’s worth a weekend of paint splatters I’d say! Everyone has that one room in their house that could do with a lick of paint. I’m taking part with a client/friend of mine who’s having a baby in September and we’re decorating the nursery together, we’ve picked a stunning deep blue called Open Seas from Taubmans for the walls, it’s going to be a bold statement but a seriously cool result (well in my head it looks like that for now anyway…) Stay tuned for updates on the project, I’ll be sharing the whole journey via Instagram and the blog. We’re yet to add any feature colours to the room in terms of soft furnishings etc so your suggestions are welcome, below are the paint colours.


Paint Colours

I asked Taubmans Ambassador and judge from The Block Shaynna Blaze for her top tips for painting the nursery I’m styling:

  • Should you make a feature of picture rails in a small dark room? – Featuring a picture rail is like putting a text line around the room and highlighting its presence. In a small room this isn’t what you want – instead paint the picture rail and the wall above in half a shade strength to the wall so it becomes a feature but not bringing attention to the size of the room.
  • Is it wrong to play up the drama of a room by selecting a dark moody blue when decorating a nursery? A dramatic colour like dark blue is actually like nightfall in a bedroom and could be quite soothing for a nursery. the key is not filling it with heavy contrast of reds and pops of colour; keep the palette simple with crisp whites, natural timbers and few colours like soft greens to tie it all together for a sophisticated nursery palette.  
  • If the walls are dark blue, what colour should you paint on the ceiling? – I would always recommend a Crisp White so it bounces light back into the room rather than a tinted neutral, which could absorb light.

If you’d like to take the challenge here’s what you need to do:

1. Take a photo of the room

2. Paint the room with Taubmans Endure paint

3. Submit before and after photos here

Do you have any tips to add for painting a nursery? Have you had any experience painting a nursery? We’d love to hear your tips!

Emma x

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