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Nest Loves Sparkk Cushions

If you don’t already know, Sparkk is an Aussie based fabric and wallpaper supplier that can custom make so many pretty things for your walls, sofas or beds. They’ve helped me with a few projects in the past and hopefully loads more in the future too!

Just a few weeks ago they launched an online store “Sparkk Shop” selling their fabrics already made up into beautiful cushions. There are so many different colours and patterns you’ll be hard pressed to decide on one or two! The patterns are digitally printed onto a range of different fabrics so you’ll be able to find one to suit your own project I’m sure.

My top tip when purchasing an insert for your cushion cover is to buy an insert that is the next size up, they’ll always squish down after a few weeks of use and you’ll end up with a pancake cushion if you don’t get the right insert.

Emma x

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Oaten’s Casino Workshop Wrap Up

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Oaten's Casino Decorating Workshop

Oaten’s Casino Decorating Workshop

It’s a wrap! My trip to Oaten’s Workshop in Casino NSW was a whirlwind trip but boy did I pack a lot in! It was a half day of decorating 101 tips and tricks followed by high tea and mood board making. We all had a wonderful time, I was lucky enough to meet some fabulous ladies looking for new inspiration for their homes or some advice for their new builds. I can’t wait to come back in September for a Spring Time Decorating Blitz, I will have just returned from a fortnight in LA, San Fran and Palm Springs so I’ll be full of ideas and inspiration.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in a Nest Workshop, I begin by outlining my styling rules and decorating tips, then move on to how to actually get started properly on the decoration of your house. It’s easy to move in, do a bit here and there and then before you know it you’ve been in the house two years and you still have moving boxes lining the hallway. I show you how to kick your own butt into gear and get your rooms finished off properly. It’s always a load of fun and great girls day out with your friends, or meeting new ones as often happens!

I will be posting more information about the September workshop for Casino closer to the date. There are also a few other workshops in the pipeline so keep an eye on the workshop page on my website for all the details.

Emma x

ps. if you are a retailer in a country town and wanting to offer a fun day for your customers please shoot me an email to discuss how we can work together.

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Palm Beach Project 2.0

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Apartment 16 Palm Beach Project

Apartment 16 Palm Beach Project

If you’ve been following the blog for a little while, you will know that I teamed up with Interiors Addict last year to fit out and style “Apartment 16″ a beautiful two bedroom holiday apartment in iconic Palm Beach, an hour and a half from Sydney’s CBD. The apartment has enjoyed back to back bookings since it’s refurbishment and now I’ve been asked back to fit out a few others in the building.

Apartment 12A, along with another one or two apartments in the block will be undergoing a little facelift in the coming weeks, new paint, new flooring and possibly even re-working the doors to the balcony to make space for an outdoor lounge.

It’s important that the apartments share some common elements so there will be some pieces repeated in Apartment 12A where possible. It’s also vital that the pieces are durable, stain resistant and hardwearing. Serviced apartments need to work twice as hard as a residential home so we can’t have precious decorative pieces in the apartment as they’ll be ruined in no time. The client and I are also really cautious of appearing too “beachy” with the decor, a relaxed Hamptons feel is the look we are aiming for, something calming to come home to after a day at the beach.

Here’s a collage of pictures of how Apartment 12A looks at the moment. It’s going to take some loving to make it look just as fabulous as Apartment 16!

Apartment 12A Palm Beach Project

Apartment 12A Palm Beach Project

Ps. if you’d like a little holiday to Palm Beach, the Illuka Resort is available to rent for short-stays – an ideal weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of Sydney! For booking information click here.

Emma x

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Incy Interiors Chatswood Store Fit Out

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Incy Interiors Store Facade Design

Proposed Incy Interiors Store Facade Design

Marj from Decor Project and I have been secretly working on a big retail store design job together for the past few weeks and I can now share where we’re up to with the project. Kristy from Incy Interiors had been hunting around for a shop in Sydney for some time, after a few months of searching the perfect spot was found and soon the first Incy Interiors Sydney store will open it’s doors. We are still in the stages of submitting plans but here’s a little look at some of the drawings that are shaping up to be a pretty awesome looking store.

We have gone with an industrial Hamptons feel with lots of black, grey and white throughout the store. We’ve incorporated some chalkboard paint, copper patina finishes and oak timber flooring. It’s all the finishes my dream house would have so I’ll have to try not to move straight in when it’s done!

When putting our design concepts together we had to be mindful that the Incy Interiors furniture would be doing most of the talking in the space and the finishes and fixtures around them had to do them justice. Their furniture ranges are really beautiful so it’s important that each piece of furniture has plenty of room around it so customers entering the store instantly know it’s a furniture store.

As with all projects we’ve stumbled upon certain issues here and there and no doubt there’s still more to come but they can’t be helped and you just have to find another way through! It’s a bit like renovating a house, you never know what you’re working with until you start doing some digging.

Incy Interiors Fixtures & Finishes Mood Board

Incy Interiors Finishes Mood Board

As the project progresses I’ll be sharing more and hopefully soon I’ll have some photos of work starting in the store. We still have a long way to come but we’re hoping to move quickly once plans are approved!

Stay tuned!

Emma x

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How To Wallpaper A Kid’s Room

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Jimmy Cricket Wallpaper

I was recently introduced to the Jimmy Cricket range of wallpapers seen above - seriously that watermelon wallpaper is AWESOME so if you are one of my clients, look out, I might force this on you and your child in the near future.

I’m so glad that wallpaper is a trend that hasn’t died down, it adds so much to a room, it’s like a giant piece of art for your child’s bedroom wall and when they come in patterns like the ones above why would you deny your child such an awesome piece of art on their wall?! So I thought I’d share my top tips for selecting wallpaper for children’s bedrooms. 

Picking the Wallpaper

Wallpaper is obviously a pretty permanent piece of art for their room so you really only get one go at getting it right. If you’re feeling brave have fun with it and go with a geometric pattern, a fluro pop or a fruit salad feature. If you’re worried that your child will out grow unicorns in a few years go for a softer colourway like mint, peach or lemon in a more classic pattern like a stripe, clouds or birds – these will last through transitional stages and if you get it right they’ll still love it into their teens!

Wallpaper The Whole Room?

Painted feature walls are slowly becoming a thing of the past but wallpaper feature walls are still hot to trot. Obviously this also comes down to your budget but I think wallpapering one wall can look just as fabulous as the whole room. Use the longest flattest wall in the bedroom as the wall that the bed rests against, that’s the wall you want to wallpaper so you’re framing the bed nicely and creating symmetry in the room. It should also be the first wall you notice as you enter the room, no point wallpapering the wall the door is on, you’ll never see it!

How Do I Wallpaper It?

My last piece of advice for wallpapering a kids room is to hire a professional to hang the wallpaper. I have attempted wallpaper hanging once in my life and I have sworn I’ll never do I again. It’s worth paying someone else to do it properly as gluing and sticking paper especially patterned paper is now my idea of what Chinese torture would be like and you’ll never get it perfect so do it properly the first time and pay someone else to do it.

Any other tips you can share from your wallpapering experiences?

Emma x

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