Hi, I’m Emma, an experienced interior stylist and homewares buyer with an incredible knack for taking a client’s vague idea, quickly sourcing the perfect furniture and homewares and helping them create what they didn’t even know they wanted. I’m passionate about making stylish interiors affordable and accessible to everyone, no matter their budget or where they are in Australia.

Already working in both the online and interior design industries, I was a stylist for an interior designer who had an online store when I came up with the idea of starting my own affordable interior decorating business with a focus on e-decorating, and Nest was born.

Many of my friends in their 20s and 30s were buying their first homes and wanted advice on how to create stylish interiors on a budget. I was passionate about making this a service that wasn’t only available to the rich, as is often the assumption. There were plenty of people out there wanting a stylish two-bedroom apartment or even a studio.

With a degree in business and marketing and diploma in interior design, I was able to create the perfect online service, although I can still visit Sydney clients in their homes if they prefer.

I’m an ideas person who likes to suggest rather than do. And I certainly don’t tell people I know their home better than they do. I wanted a more relaxed and casual service than hiring a decorator who does everything. I want the client to have a lot of input in the look and feel of the home, after all it’s their sanctuary not mine.

A self-confessed “design nerd,” obsessed with interior design even as a kid, I make interior decorating something affordable and non-threatening for everyone. I’ll show you how decorating can be fun, not stressful!

Emma Blomfield

Emma Blomfield